Classic XL

Construcion: Flat-woven
Pile material: 100% polymide 6.6
Pile weight: 700gr/m2
Total weight: 2500gr/m2
Total height: 4mm
Fire resistance: Cfl-s1
Classification: Class 33 Public area
Casters: Approved
Approved by Danish Indoor Climate Label.
Treated with Scotsguard to better withstand dirt and spots.

Click on the image for name and color code

X424 - Skog

X421 - Strand

X429 - Choklad

X426 - Nougat

X439 - Skymning

X465 - Stål

X443 - Savan

X487 - Blyerts

X489 - Grafitgrå

X496 - Svartpeppar

X499 - Lakrits

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