Classic Contract

Construction: Flat-woven
Pile material: 100% polymide 6.6
Pile weight: 700gr/m2
Total weight: 2500gr/m2
Total height: 4mm
Fire resistance: Cfl-s1
Classification: Klass 33 public area
Casters: Approved
Approved by Danish Indoor Climate Label.
Treated with Scotsguard to better withstand dirt and spots.

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X324 - Jord
X321 - Sand
X329 - Bark
X326 - Ask
X343 - Lera
X365 - Hav
X367 - Marinblå
X387 - Regn
X369 - Midnatt
X389 - Skiffer
X396 - Asfalt
X399 - Kol