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Construction: Tufted
Pile material: 100% Polyamide 6 
Pile weight: 2200 gr/m2
Total weight: 3050gr/m2
Pile height: 13.5mm
Total height: 16mm

Roll width: 400+500cm

Casters approved: Yes, home environment.
Flammability: Cfl-s1
Classification: Class 31 
Environment tested: GUT

Click on the image for name and color code

Garden O-1296 Thunder
Garden O-1262 Amaryllis
Garden O-1283 Steel
Garden O-1287 Ash
Garden O-1211 Snow
Garden O-1224 Bark
Garden O-1222 Diamond
Garden O-1281 Rain
Garden O-1265 Cornflower
Garden O-1285 Cloud
Garden O-1289 Granite
Garden O-1226 Oak
Garden O-1242 Trout
Garden O-1229 Mole
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