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Construction: Tufted
Pile material: 100% Polyamide 6.6
Pile weight: 1310gr/m2
Total weight: 2300gr/m2

Pile height: 7.0mm
Total height: 10.4mm
Roll width: 400cm 

Casters approved: Yes, home environment.

Impact sound isolation: 25dB
Flammability: Bfl-s1

Classification: Class 32

Environment tested: GUT

Click on the image for name and color code

C2611 - Socker
C2621 - Sand
C2625 - Aprikos
C2623 - Mullvad
C2627 - Kamouflage
C2647 - Räv
C2673 - Aloe Vera
C2671 - Citrus
C2677 - Mossa
C2681 - Puts
C2689 - Grafit
C2695 - Kol
C2684 - Råg
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