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Maxjenny! x Desyt

Maxjenny, one of Scandinavia's most innovative fashion and print designers, has designed high-quality printed carpets in collaboration with Desyt - a hybrid of art, fashion and design.

Story behind the print

Sicily: The elegant photographs are from the dome of Chiesa Matrice di San Giorgio Martire, a catholic church in the village of Caccamo in Sicily, built in 1616. The church is famous for its colorful and expressive ceiling paintings.

Flower: The flowers were photographed in Maxjenny's mother's garden in Österlen in southern Sweden. The fading blossoms inspired Maxjenny on a late summer's day in the artist's home at Vik in Österlen.

Butterfly: The print was made jointly with the photographer, Helene Toresdotter, as a tribute to nature's pollinators. "There are 1.25 million known animal species on earth - 75% of them are insects. Insects are key components in every food chain. Without them global eco-systems would collapse".

The Maxjenny! x Desyt collection is tested to withstand normal wear and tear in public environments.


Available sizes: 

Round, 160 and 195 cm. 

Square, 160 x 160 and 195 x 195 cm. 

Rectangular, 195 x 295 cm.

'Sicily' also available in 80 x 200 cm and 80 x 250 cm.

Special sizes available upon request.

Sicily yellow
Sicily Black
Sicily Pink
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